i’m Hungry, LOL….

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  1. Adnan says:

    I cant believe that a pop attsirs Rhinna has won R&B award come on. She is a pop artist. Please lets go back to real soul/ Whats going on with the music of today. there is a big difference between Pop & R&B . I expect BET to get it right. Rhinna/ what happen to Ledesi/Mary/Mary/Mary J. Bilge/ Sade any other R & B attsirs please!!!!!!!!

  2. Erina says:

    i c so u take it out on youtube? and if u dont like some of the stuff i say jst say i dont agree with u or sohnemitg or dont even comment back! u dont have to cus to get ur depression out. i’ve had depression be4 too dude it isnt any fun i no but u jst gotta get through it.

  3. sexy T says:

    omg that ass is fat i like to fuck that ass all day

  4. JamericanBarbie! says:

    Damn! Pass some of that over here! Niqqas qot more ass than the females now’a days!

  5. lcash08 says:

    now he is sexy as hell

  6. Jada says:

    I totally agree with @Babyface…not only does this look photoshopped but i just CANT imagaine a man with this perfectly shaped ass..i WONT believe it lol..dnt fall for the foolery Bimbo LOL

  7. BabyFace says:

    The Reason I Say Its Photoshopped is also because the original picture i just saw it on bgclive ima send it to bimbo Like U Said Lady V Do Some Squats Then It Might Look Like That LMAO

  8. WTF is pressed says:

    Bad Photoshop trying to put a dent in the back and distorted asscheeks

  9. Lady Vixen says:

    ROTFLMAO! photoshopped? Damn boy u better start doing some squats if you want a juicy bootay!

  10. Yulie says:

    Damn he go to Nicki minajs doctor i see!

  11. BabyFace says:

    Wow I Can Tell This Was Photoshopped look at the blur on the arch of his back lol just saying


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