Keys, Lookin Cute! She Trained Swizzy! That’s, HOw you women, have to do it –>> TRAIN THESE MEN & MAKE THEM YOURS —->> YOu Say Wat! ———>>>

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  1. CheeChee says:

    Everyone needs to get a life and mind their own business, and they do not owe anyone any explantion. People are saying they are judging because they do not know the deatails. You do not need to know the deatails, it is not any of your business.

  2. Black choco says:

    alllll i can say is if their happy then who r we to judge them their is onli one judge nd dats god so we cant judge the two im not happy about how they got together but i cant judge

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    oh boy here we go! everybody has a issue with someone at one point in their life. I am happy for them. and we don’t know what went down. everybody want 2 jump down a woman throat. my thing is when a man or a woman have a good thing make sure it stays that way . IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT!

  4. zena says:

    I do not approve of them because people did not speak about there situation like how they spoke about fantasia,s situation and alecia situation was worst.I do not like alecia.

  5. IAdoreKathleen says:

    they look as haapy as ever and i’m happy for them

  6. Mike says:

    He’s her husband, and not just a ‘baby daddy’.


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