BbQ’n in the SnOw! Talk about being Ghetto….It don’t get, No More ghetto than this, You Say Wat? —>>

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  1. Lady Vixen says:

    who says you have 2 BBQ only in the summer. if u want some BBQ ribs I bet u going 2 get that grill started and BBQ those damn ribs and anything else BBQ ! LOL !

  2. Hoover Labron says:

    THe pic is ghetto but not grilling. Its the pic, trust and believe. You can tell she F A T and B L A C K. NO DISrepect.
    goooD DAY : )

  3. Itsdede says:

    i say sometimes you just feel for the taste of bbq lol

  4. martel203 says:

    Right, Im with yall this is not ghetto, bitch jus had a taste for some bbq.

  5. princess213 says:

    noooo….what makes the pic ghetto is the fact that its being down inside the house instead of outside where the grill belongs…………..this is just plain stupid………..thats how people homes burn down cause of assholes like this

  6. IAdoreKathleen says:

    lmao this is my first time seeing sumthing like this. brought out the grill in the snow. #Classic

  7. MurderousKILLBILL Bitch says:

    Thats not ghetto alot of ppl black and white bbq in the winter. If u want some BBQ why not shit…NEXXXT Bimbo its not that serious.


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