Michael, Still LiveS! YOu Say WAt?——–>>>>>

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  1. #getmeoutofthisrelationship says:

    Where the fuck that bitch talking shit in every other thread. She aint got nothin to say about Kim retarded lookin ass (love u gurl but NO). She going to act like she aint click this link huh? Bitter hating ass bitch!!

  2. Lady Vixen says:

    damn kim. why are you doing this? you are well respected but damn no more surgies!

  3. Nake says:

    Kim is STILL a dope MC, nobody can take that from her. She dresses waaaay better than half these celebs. NO MORE SURGERY KIMMY!

  4. Mrs.Taz says:

    Lil Kim been lookin a hot mess. I love tha beef between her n Nikki. But when it come to looks n dressin, Nikki got her. Sometime Lil Kim looks good,n than u get that shit there.

  5. amyee81 says:

    I still love kim but she needs help.

  6. IAdoreKathleen says:

    she completely destryed her looks. smh why kim, why ????

  7. AppleBottom says:

    I love kim but….what the hell did u do to ya self???

  8. MSLADY says:

    A mess hunni

  9. MurderousKILLBILL Bitch says:

    Still look betta then Foxy hahaha LOL

  10. MurderousKILLBILL Bitch says:

    This picture is soo old likes 4months old and u just posten u stay on Kim’s nuts damnn….dont be such a Crabycancer

  11. jus_dee says:

    I fucks with kim…u know…taking lips to the dick…but she looks like a old white lady’s wrinkle ass filled with botox…she needs to fix her face gyrl….

  12. Arod says:

    Lmao I still fucks wit kim tho but yea she looking a lil off now days


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