DAM HE FINE….. I’m Jealous…….& i’M Sorry Ladies….Dude is….. Well, YOu Lil Queens, Help Me EXPLAIN:


21 responses »

  1. keyonte says:

    Make my mouth watery :p

  2. Keem says:

    Ive seen him nude personally.. this my baby.. when i tell you he can suck a dick… and his dick so fuckin big…uugggg

  3. Star says:

    Damn soo unfortunate cuz he is blazin as fxck

  4. Cj says:

    Wats his xtube pg name

  5. MikeBully says:

    is he in NYC? I think i seen him at F.I.T.

  6. Ready Tomlini says:

    His name is Dominic Gunn, you can add him on facebook, and he has a xtube page

  7. RahhLikeADungonDragon. says:


  8. zolanski says:

    i love how you stole that photo of dem kids from petrilude lol

    i peeped it BIMBO! he FAHN!

  9. MSLADY says:

    Damn man! Ya’ll get all the sexy dudes 😦

  10. X'Avriel says:

    @TaeylorE what is his name

  11. TaeylorE says:

    OMG . Im friends with him on Facebook

  12. X'Avriel says:

    haha lol i mean dude finee buhh i mean lukk @ dem kidss yes hunni ohkaee lol

  13. X'Avriel says:

    lol thank u jesus haha he so finee nd welll the kids explained it well enough (they betta werkk) thank u jesus

  14. swe3t_kiss3s says:

    omg @nick u said it right THE LIL’ KIDS BETTA WORK!!!!!! Lol

  15. Miguel says:

    Damn he is fine.

  16. left_butt_cheek says:

    He is to damn sexy to be a queen….imma need for his balls to drop before he be diggin all in this he pussy LMFAO!!!

  17. @mrivanna says:

    I luv him omgg lol Oscars all excited

  18. cortrell says:

    #4 is soooo fuckin sexi

  19. mee says:

    Maybe its just me but he really aint all tht idk lol

  20. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Damn, Damn, Damn !!!

  21. nick says:

    LOL! those kids BETTER WORK!
    #4 is still sexy as ever!


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