—->>> Total Was 1 0f My —->>> Favorite Female Groups from the 90’s… Do YOu, have Any? ——–>>>

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  1. Bimbolicious Girl says:

    “ohhh we miss the 90’s” <— boyyyyy you AINT lying!!!!

  2. Lady Vixen says:

    I love me some TLC. why puff daddy, p. diddy, sean combs, & diddy put these groups together and then after a while you never ever hear from them again? he has been doing this for years. look at 112 and h town and danity kane, mase, total, even new edition when they were with bad boy records.
    soon we won’t see dawn and kaleena

  3. Nake says:

    Tracy Spencer was good even though I know she was solo. Where is she anyway?!?!

  4. Nake says:

    JADE and EnVogue!

  5. Kesha says:

    the girl group Changing Faces there most popular song stroke you up.

  6. T@mmy F@ye says:

    thanks bimbo

  7. Mee says:

    Yeah Total was a cute little group but wasnt nobody touching TLC & if u ask me personally i think dawn and kaleena of dirty money is supposed to be like the new total…

  8. AppleBottom says:

    I loved the group SOUL 4 REAL. I also liked jodeci, boys 2 men, h-town, and shye.

  9. keemy says:

    Deff destiny child tlc 3lw swv

  10. @mrivanna says:

    silk swv tlc exscape dam i wish it could be 92-98 fa like a month

  11. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Forever My Lady is still one of my favortie love songs to date. oooh god bless the 90’s

  12. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Total was iight but if u ask me personally, Jodeci and SWV had the r&b game on lock !!!


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