After All these Years ->> MOnica & Brandy are still GOOd Friends & Still LOOks GOOd! But, thiS is –>>, Who LOOks Betta FOlks, LOL! ——–>>>

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow they both look fabulous!! i’m givin’ it to Brandy. and whoever above said brandy has a fake nose is blind! loool

    Monica is really covered in that pic but she also is a beautiful woman! kudos to her too

  2. Letitia says:

    That’s really shewrd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

  3. brwneyez says:

    Monica monica monica she look better sangz way better! Brandy look lile her mom drank alot wen she was pregnant…oh nd brandy sound like she smoke Newportz…umjstsayn!

  4. sam says:

    Sometimes I read the comments on this site and I want to throw up! Monica slays brandy in the face category!! Brandy has an alien face, fake nose, and fucked up hairline. Monica has a pretty, balanced face and she does not wear fucking lace fronts!! I will admit, Brandy has a prettier voice, BUT that’s it!!!

  5. Yulie says:

    Both look greaatttt

  6. Sexy Lexy says:

    definitely brandy. monica is just a little too covered. she looks like someones grandma

  7. LadiiB says:

    I can’t choose both of them have grown into beautiful grown ass women. I love both of them. They’ve certainly grown pass the boy is mine lol

  8. Lady Vixen says:

    I think that they both have evolved into blossoming women and they both look Gorgeous!

  9. IAdoreKathlee says:

    i’ve always thought that brandy looked weird. monica hands down

  10. StaN says:

    I think they both look GREAT but I have to give this one to Miss Fullmoon (Brandy)

  11. dikefishcakes says:

    Brandy looks better, Monica is cute tho.

  12. black choco417 says:

    Hard decsion they both look gorgeous but I’m leanin on brandy monica looks a lil tired but if she looked well rested it would def b a hard difficult decsion

  13. boo boo says:

    monica looks better

  14. Chazz16 says:

    Brandy but they both still look the same after all these years

  15. sackstacks says:

    They both look good, and healthy

  16. martel203 says:

    Monica. Fuck Brandy.


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