——>>> Question thOugh –>> If You Walked into the House, to this Mess On Valentine’s Day –>> Would you get into the Tub with him Or Walk right back out the House? —>>>>

15 responses »

  1. Dj says:

    Honestly he ain’t ugly. I would probably help him out by redecorating because he tried an the sexy clothes I would have put him in after the bath and took them off and fucked him in the bedroom

  2. YellaKusha says:

    I’d b lik.. “If you dont get yo ugly scary lukn ass out my mufuckn bath tub ima call da muppet baby police!” Dis nigga lul lik sumthn frm sesame street or da muppet babies! lol I wonda wat dude luk lik dat he wifn up….. *shades down*

  3. LadiiB says:

    Ok there’s soo many things wrong with this. The thing that grossed me out the most was where fuck is the soap? He look like he just woke up filled up the tub with water & just got in with a rose in his mouth. That’s half assed nd just nasty. I woulda been like ok this isn’t workin i appreciate the effort but take a shower get dressed in a suit and u takin’ me out somwhere. He better be givin me good sex 4 me 2 accept that. Even so…… just no

  4. Rosalie says:

    i think it’s just a bad angle, ya all meatballs wud do him anyway!

  5. Lady Vixen says:

    I think he should have given her a lap dance instead

  6. RedBoi says:

    Some of yall are just so superficial, the man is doing something sweet for his boo on valentines day

  7. eb says:

    Some one loves it or he would not be doing it. But dang where the candles at at least and that cheap church grape juice for wine. Come on gurl. She do got the product endorsement going. Maybe Dove is giving her some coins for the product placement.

  8. fcukouttahere919 says:

    i would hold his head under the water lookin like that.

  9. Heckyea says:

    Nicki *eww*

  10. black choco417 says:

    lol he was puttin on his sexci lol for someone he ain’t sexci to me but if my dude did dat for me I kno wat time it is

  11. boo boo says:

    walk out tha damn door neva come back lol that rite there is not sexy at ALL!!

  12. Big Dick says:

    No, but that nigga got a fat ass.

  13. Mo says:

    I would kill him then run!…JK LOL

  14. sackstacks says:

    No hon.. I wouldn’t walk out the house I would Grab a gun and kill myself, hah no not really.. but um yeah I wouldn’t Walk out the house, I would Run!


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