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  1. Anonymous says:

    If its taco meat then i want no part of it. But if its smooth and just the right kind of curly then i will throw my ass in the air in a split second

  2. jeffrey says:

    turn off why would i want hair in my mouth

  3. dirtyangel says:

    Negative..this is not the 70s..and he’s no Teddy Pendergrass.

  4. YellaKusha says:

    Eww if its taco meat lik dat its a BIG turn OFF!! But my baby has a little bit of chest hair right in da middle but its not nasty & nappy lik dude in da pic!.. & its definitly not that much! so i guess it jus depends

  5. Yulie says:

    Mm he need some width in his dick.. I like to be fillleddd!!!!

  6. Star says:

    Turn OFF

  7. Sexy Lexy says:

    nooooo thats a big turn off. i dont wanna see/touch those nappy peas on his chest that is just straight gross

  8. LadiiB says:

    Turn off! Ok I would ride that dick no lie. I’m actually thinkin abt it but when I put my hands on his chest I don’t wanna feel those napps. I would make him wax it b4 we even fuck. Lolz yea I agree he should put that hair that’s on his chest on his bald spot. This man is sexy otherwise

  9. Lady Vixen says:

    it depends on the guy. if he look like Idris Elba then OMG! keep that hair on the chest. but if he look like Flava Flav then RUN! it’s just like women who have hair on their legs. some men love it and some men don’t

  10. i like it on him but not much hair on da chest like ewwww no ma’am

  11. eb says:

    I loves me some hair. The nappier the better for me. Of course I just love black men period so it dont matter if it is hairy chest or not but I do enjoy hair too. And since Bimbo you tell some of ur durt sometimes I love some sweaty funky bo smealling nappy peed up hair on a black man. LORD HAVE MERCY THAT TURNS ME ON. And dont let me see the deodorant all caught up in some nappy armpits. Lord I become a wet dish rag when seeing that. I loved when my boi Dennis Rodman would shoot some free throws and I would see all those peed up deodorant nappy arm pit balls. Sorry folks just had to let it out there. And dont tell me you bitches are so chaste that it dont turn ur ass on too. Bimbo you sho is a freak like me so I know you cant say nothing. Come on now. You the one that has the boi licking your fresh off the toilet kitty cat.

  12. lcash08 says:

    turn off

  13. Heckyea says:

    It depends…on him it looks horrid. But on Michael Ealy in Their Eyes Were Watching God. YAS! He can do that!

  14. black choco417 says:

    I don’t realli like it but my dude got it nd its sexci on him I guess if u see dem attractive den its a attractive I kno his dick is attractive lol *just bcuz I’m on a diet don’t mean I can’t look*

  15. jake says:

    On Him it is GORG!!!! I Love me some Nubius!!!! Someone put me ON!!!!

  16. boo boo says:

    It depends on the guy… but if u got taco meat shave that ish that is not the business

  17. lolli says:

    he’s cute but that nappy chest hair gots to go, but u wont be looking at it when he’s freaking you so i dunno

  18. Miguel says:

    For me,it depends on how it looks on the dude and how much hair there is.This dude is unnatractive to me.

  19. pookie628 says:

    his look sexy but it dont look gud on everybody

  20. Dominik says:

    He needs to take some of that hair off his chest and put it on his balding head… “fix ya wig gwirl”

  21. I-O says:

    Nasty. Well depends It looks nasty on him! for sure.


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