—–>>> Dam Beyonce, Makes YOu forget about all the weight –>>>  Jennifer Hudson put Off! Beyonce was spotted Out in –>>West Hollywood on Valentines’ Day & dam, even when Beyonce isn’t out –>> She’s Out! Momma is Killing dem! And, Ya know, I’m not into Fashion, But get into them Christian Louboutin Shoes! B, Better FUCKIN Work! Shoes LOOk like some –>> Ice Cold Blue KOOl-Aid.. Dam B, You Make me wanna Drink, YOur ShOes –>> You Say What ———>>>

11 responses »

  1. brwneyez says:

    I agree wit lady vixen….but not the stitchn part! And Bee need sum sun! But overall she alwayz lookz nyce

  2. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Those shoes r fierce indeed. Imam see if I could find a cheaper version of those in Steve madden

  3. dirtyangel says:

    Girl I wasn’t even with u when u mentioned the stiching or the earrings!…those shoes r so bad u don’t need nothin else to showcase. B got it right….and all of u who r a little brighter than others know that in the winter u can’t get that tan brown that u like, so your skin is pail, blemmished, and simply f$%& up until summer…unless your B, who can afford facials and such..stop hatin.

  4. LadiiB says:

    Beyonce’s shoe game has always been insane. Them shoes outshine her whole outfit. She look madd white. She needs sum melanin in her skin, like ALOT ASAP! And the blonde just makes it worse smh is she sick?

  5. Mickey Brown Eyes says:

    @Lady Vixen
    Girl I was with you until you mentioned stitching the pockets in the same color thread as the shoes and matching earings. You from ATL?

    But yass those shoes are exquisite! Bey needs to send them my way, I would rock the fuck out of them!

  6. Lady Vixen says:

    well I mean she look like she can’t walk in them. and the black I wouldn’t have worn. I would have worn an Off-White off the shoulder Blouse with a pair of Black Skinny Jeans and I would have gotten some thread the same color as those shoes and stitch that color on the outside of the pockets of the jeans. and I would get the earring 2 match. but above all she looks very nice!

  7. RedBoi says:

    Okay I see you B, getting your white girl swag on!, love the shoes but B definitley needs some sun, she’s looking as pale as gwyneth Paltrow and that bitchs white

  8. Mee says:

    The Queen Has entered!!!

  9. lbaby says:

    Y is she looking so light?

  10. Anti Jemima says:

    I am not a shoenista so I dont feel anything about these shoes. She looks pretty blah and washed out with the black on and blonde hair.

  11. Shirley Paul says:

    Okkkkaaayyy I forgot all about the title of the story when I saw her shoes!!! She shitted on them bitches with these!!! I love Jennifer and her new body but she’ll never have B’s swag…..I hate giving B compliments too but the bitch is BAD!!!!


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