—->>> i Can’t… But –>> WhiCh 1 Of these PictureS iS MOst.. Well —–>> Tackiest……… i Cantishh…….. Wonka wonka Nooishh…….

8 responses »

  1. pookie628 says:

    #4 = #dead

  2. black choco417 says:

    U kno alreadii I go wit number 4

  3. lolapopchacha says:

    Na them my MF step sons

  4. jah says:

    Yeah thats my gay day and my Mizrahi brothers in pic 3….BOWW in trade they bomb as hell! That was after a ball and sweat don’t go well wit wigs and make up! lmmfao

  5. LadiiB says:

    isn’t # 2 Kelis?

  6. Lady Vixen says:

    number 4 all the way

  7. sackstacks says:

    Ew yuck!

  8. RedBoi says:

    All of them were getting it except for #4, number 1 is fierce though


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