And –>> NOt in the Club! But, On “DANCING WITH THE STARS”.. That’s Right, You Heard me Right! WORD HAS IT –>>>  Wendy Williams will be on next season of Dancing With The Stars? The New York Post is Reporting that Wendy Williams is Putting her Highly Rated TAlk Show, “THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW” On hiatus next month, as she joins the cast of the 12th installment of the popular dance ShOw –>> Dancing with the StarS………..YOu SAy WAt —>>>>>>>>

3 responses »

  1. IAdoreKathlee says:

    I could see this happening. It would be interseting and its more of a popularity contest than it is about dance talent anyway

  2. Chazz16 says:

    If this is true i am so happy for here. I look up to Wendy so much. I can not wait for the next season of the show.

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    well wendy, I wish you all the best of luck with that. but do you really think she would want 2 leave her show for dancing with the stars? but it doesn’t look like wendy can dance anyway. I’m just saying. she is a great person and I love her. she needs her diva fan because she always says she sweats a lot under her arms. but I think she should try it! TEAM WENDY!


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