Oh My –>>> WhOever said, “SLOW MEN” Were NOt Packin.. Well, You Lied Hunny! It LOOks to me as if –>>> “IT” GOt a Big, SHUT YA MOUTH… Hmmm… NOt too Big, But BIG ENuff .. YOU SAY WAT —>> &, Maybe, I ShOuld had took him home with me, thAt Night… Hmmmm?

6 responses »

  1. Lady Vixen says:

    I had forgotten all about him too. I wonder if Tiffany A.K.A. New York ever found love yet?

  2. eb says:

    Ummm there is no need for a shave. If you dont like hairy men then dont look at them. It is fine. Now if you gonna get that pic you got to get some without the underwear too. There are plenty of black men out there with no hair on their bodies. Let the hairy ones have their hair. No need to shave it off. I love hair.

  3. Mee says:

    danm i want him

  4. bigv says:


  5. Jamie M says:

    Time for a shave..


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