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  1. Ray says:

    I’d like 2 join your site. Love the pictures!

  2. Ummm mz bimbo we need more than a lil cop car has the queen left her thrown

  3. me says:

    well bimbo must be locked up….lol..or done found him a man and on chill mode….when he do come back its gonna be hard !

  4. rosthenurse says:

    What’s up Bimbo? Are you tired of us or something? I’m missing the laughs!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lady Vixen says:

    Where in the world is bimbo? do we need to get the search dogs for you! where you at?!

  6. RedBoi says:

    Lawd Bimbo u can’t even post a couple of hotties every few days, you must not be motivated but just remember u losing fans hun

  7. Biggie says:

    What the fuck Bimbo??? Get your lazy punk ass back to work bitch!!! You got to be more committed to your fans ho! We need daily updates on the site. Look at all the shit that’s happening that you have slept on: Charlie Sheen, Kim K, Tami on BB Wives, etc.

  8. Mickey Brown Eyes says:

    Bitch, where are the motherfucking posts?? Get it together, hunty!

  9. Lavishprince says:

    Uh uh bimbo bitch where is u at bitch imma need 4 u 2 get it 2getha and do wat it is u do best…entertain us…wonka wonka owww…lol

  10. mskiki says:

    that singer izzz kinda sexy i wanna see more of him…

  11. honeychile says:

    LMAO BITCH!!! You know you just shitted right??? hontea that episode was OVAH OVAH OVAH!! i was LIVING AND BREATHING for you and miss thing at the end… SITTING!!! The End.

  12. mizzomg says:

    bimbo u must didnt have any underwear on bitch cuz all i c is dick

  13. Toy Couture says:

    I just happen to find your blog and have been watching ur vids laughin my fukin ass off for the last hour!! Love it!!! 🙂 Ur brand is genius!! LOL

    ~ http://www.ToyCouture.net ~

  14. Umm miss bimbo u and ms Patterson need to get it together all we get is a video for to weeks fix ya wigs girl wonka wonka owwww lol and I’m out

  15. sexykeya says:

    I love this vid….and when ur friend started to sing i was screeming…i love you bimbo

  16. sackstacks says:

    Thats just so tacky bimbo, don’t you own a pair of jeans? the whole world seeing your bulge.. for free lol

  17. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Current Location= 42nd Street
    Next Stop= Coming To A TV Network Near You!!!

  18. martel203 says:

    UGH! Can we get some posts please??? Damn, you gone for a week then all you put up is a video. I cant watch these at work!


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