YOu SAy WAt ——————>>>

9 responses »

  1. RedBoi says:

    Bimbi you Cunt where the fucks the new shit

  2. honeychile says:

    bitch quit suckin that dick bitch, get that wig fixed and get yo ass back here and turn it bitch where the hell r you, sister patterson and CHINGY!!? oh and btw sister patterson, i seen you with that german shepard yesterday… smh… you and your thirsty greedy coochie hole, you know that dog is married and i live!! LOL

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    I would laugh my ass off!

  4. Kai Khalifa says:

    Lmmfao! Now cops iis in smart cars!?! Comedy!

  5. MsTaurus says:

    I would laugh a little, but get pissed off cuz I might get a ticket…lol

  6. AppleBottom says:

    Probably laugh cuz that shit looks like a joke.

  7. ilovebimbo says:

    Probably giggle and hope I don’t get a ticket.

  8. IAdoreKathleen says:

    i would so not stop for a car like that and if i had no choice i would dead jus laugh in the officers face

  9. MyNameisLeah313 says:

    I would mos def lmao!!!


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