———>>> Ok, I’m Lying! The Light Skin Dude is Sexy! I mean, the Dark skin one is alright, but the Light skin dude is more of my type! Why Cant I, Never find a Dude as attractive as him! Note 2 Self, no one wants you Bimbo! Any who, YOu Say WAt  —>>> Sexy Couple or Na? ——->>>

7 responses »

  1. Noitall says:

    the lighter skin one is cute intill u find out he is 16 and been getting in sence he was 12. O how funny it is to see the kids grow up in your face and u are only 27 lmao.

  2. IAdoreKathleen says:

    They both ugly to me. Idk if its the faces they makin or wadd but im jus not impressed.

  3. TBooqie says:

    I dnt see it riqht now.
    Maybe Lster….

  4. Tiink says:

    Negative.. dey luk lik dey need sumthn 2 eat! lls

  5. Sackstacks says:

    I agree with Red eww..

  6. RedBoi says:

    Eww not even close to cute

  7. i’d fuck em bootz


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