————>> LOOk, at hiS “FEET” of hiS! DAm YO, Lookin like “STEAK” ———>> YOu SAy WAt ——->>

10 responses »

  1. PrettiiBoii says:

    Lmao, *His feet looks like steak* too Funnii, I love You u keep me laughing

  2. rycardas says:


  3. Mee says:

    Fuck the toes i wanna suck sumthin else…

  4. zena says:

    i want him in my house i would not go out

  5. chuckiee says:

    ewww ashy foot ass

  6. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Fuck them damn toes i wanna know if he’s packin!!!

  7. TBooqie says:

    I dnt knw abt Toes…
    bt hiz ABS are Great.

  8. KynnBarb says:

    fuck the toes i want the dick

  9. i love sexy men and hott feet but he gotta be putting in work 4 me 2 suck on dem beautiful feet cuz i dont cum dat easily…gud find Bimbo bro

  10. jahlid says:

    i shore will to :)) his feet remind me of mines


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