is he —>> Bi?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    he will work YOUR ASS AND PUSSY OVER int he bedroom, but its about more than just sex for him. he’s actually motivating people to do better with themselves

  2. lakeisha says:

    He. Is. To. Fine. To. Be. Bi or gay

  3. MikeBully says:

    yes!!! he is sexy as hell. he used to be a gogo boy!!! google him for NUDE pix!!!! =) mmm

  4. Miguel says:

    That ass looks yummy.Lol

  5. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Ummm never heard of him but i will be lookin him up

  6. KynnBarb says:

    @de’shon ikr and @bimbo I think he is i hope he is

  7. man i bet his cakes taste mad gud bootz

  8. Sackstacks says:

    Hes so sexy.. i’m waiting for that day when I finally get to suck his dick.

  9. left_butt_cheek says:

    Yes…yes he does bimbo chile


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