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  1. brwneyez says:

    Shouldnt judge ppl…im sure this person feelz bad enuff..Bimbo u should knw better! nd im sure u knw how dat feelz..but yeah itz seemz to b sum kind of keloid.maybe frm a cut or burn

  2. ********* says:

    Thats probably from a cut or burn, a pierced ear would not keloid all the way to his neck, he had to have been cut, but his braids look beautiful however

  3. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Ooommmmgggg yuuuccckkkk!!!!!

  4. TBooqie says:


  5. Tiink says:

    Thats not from dirty piercings!.. That’s a keloid!.. It’s jus scar tissue yall!.. It’s also genetic…

  6. blaque417 says:

    Ewwwwww dats nasty I don’t even want to get my ears pierced nd I’m a chick ewww

  7. NewOrleansLIL says:

    I’m bout to clean mine right NA lol


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