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  1. cymone says:

    I Think bimbo winehouse does and says the things he does for attention. He gets to meet a lot of ppl by making them feel sorry for him. he calls himself ugly so ppl can praise him and tell him he is sexy ppl who are really suicidal don’t broadcast there intentions to the world they just do it. I am losing respect for you bimbo the things you said about Dariel reminds of the tacky beef you had with brandy. Get your life together, go on a diet, and come back and be the sweet, funny queen we love. you are starting turn your fans off. is this what you want

  2. Rickey says:

    Bimbo I love you but what’s going on its like your turning into some depressed lonely person. We all have flaws! Love ya

  3. Transsexual Super Hero says:

    Why is it that gay men stay hating on transsexuals and the men who love them. If a man who dates transsexuals chooses to identify as straight….how is it your business to tell him he’s not? Its really sad that we don’t have a more unified lgbT community.

    Ohhh……the ignorance and self-hate is painful to witness.

  4. Misskayvon says:

    Bimbo Sweety.. get it together, you’re always talking about killing yourself on twitter, stop it. Gay men need to be strong, lets sop letting the straight people abuse and mistreat us.. they want us to kill ourselves. Now don’t, you’re too fabulous to be gone, keep trying because you have a goal.

  5. Kamaige Ja'dore says:

    I agree Bggie—– I check everyday to see if there are new postings and they don’t come until 2 to 3 weeks apart. Not good Bimbo

  6. Cole says:

    Sho u rite!!!

  7. IAdoreKathleen says:

    U need to dedicate this song to mister cee

  8. Biggie says:

    Bimbo, your punk ass is getting real lazy. One post every 10 days aint’ cuttin’ it. Get on your job! There is a ton of shit happening in the world and your ass is lunchin’….WTF?

  9. Chazz16 says:

    Fix your wig, Fix your wig, girl

  10. brandon says:

    Nice! I honestly can’t stand DL men or men who are very insecure.

  11. IAdoreKathleen says:

    “Who wanna get fucked give me that dick n put it in my butt!!” u betta hope non of those down low men come after u Bimbo be careful miss hunny. But i do agree one hundred percent at the end of the day dick is dick n these dl insecure men can’t change that n need to just accept it

  12. blaque417 says:

    If u a guy nd u do a tranny or dude or drag queen nd dey have a dick guess wat? Ur gay just cuz u have a baby momma or kids don’t mean nuffin if u got the same parts nd u do them or they do u or have any type of sexual activity ur gay there’s no denyin ur fuckin gay live with it don’t b ashamed. Of it live it its normal its not a plague some niggas dumb ass shit


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