SOme FOlks r BleSSd 2 b, SO Sexy, Like this Dude in this PiCture ABOVE  —>>>> CHRISTIAN KEYES ! then, YOu have Others like Myself, who are FuCkin Ugly! AnyWhO ——>>>

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  1. PRU says:

    bimbo!!! stop bashing urself u r just as beautiful as the sexy dude…. be comfortable m ur own skin baby!!! KEEP UR HEAD UP

  2. Curious says:

    Like sexy dl dudes in uniform?! Call me 559 375 0223 asap DeWayne

  3. Check out the interview Christian Keyes just did with us at He is a real cool person, kind of like a big bro to me…..

  4. CocoTye says:

    Females have them days when we feel fucked up. You going thru 1 of them stages. I love you, your persona what u give me. But I’m a female. I look 4 u everyday to do what u do 2 brighten us up who follows u! Baby its coming 2 u realShit. When it happens u aint gon know what hit. Believe me i’m waiting too! This shit is frustrating. Stop thinkin that don’t nobody wants u. THINK and KNOW that everybody DESERVES you!!!! Bullshit is nothing!!

  5. AppleBottom says:

    He does alot of Tyler Perry’s stage plays.

  6. TBooqie says:

    Yeah. He iz a prize piece.

  7. WOW says:

    Deshaun you really need to stop feeling sorry for yourself, where was all this confidence that you displayed in your vids months back? now for these past few months all you keep doing is calling yourself ugly and comparing yourself to other men, who i’m SURE have thier insecuritys too the diffrence is they don’t let that brake them, but honey it seems you are letting yours brake you, and you seem to getting more and more bitter

  8. blaque417 says:

    FIRST BIMBO U R NOT UGLY U R SEXCI Second yess dat dude is a fine one can I place an order for that with a side of magnum condom nd deer park water

  9. IAdoreKathleen says:

    I remember him from the madea goes to jail play, he’s definitely sexy as fuck

  10. WaltLuv says:

    Have you seen his video, I’ma cook ya dinner naked


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