——->>>> hA, i Can’t fiGure Out, whO the hell, they LOOk like, LOL ——>> I’m thinkn a Fake Ass Nene & Chaka Khan ——–>>>

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  1. Whowantit says:

    @cymone I don’t think he was trying to disrespect dariel. But however I do feel you on the suicidal stuff. I think that bimbo will eventually realize what he is doing. He just needs some help, some professional help!!!!!!! Love ya bimbo PS: No one is perfect

  2. cymone says:

    I Think bimbo winehouse does and says the things he does for attention. He gets to meet a lot of ppl by making them feel sorry for him. he calls himself ugly so ppl can praise him and tell him he is sexy ppl who are really suicidal don’t broadcast there intentions to the world they just do it. I am losing respect for you bimbo the things you said about Dariel reminds of the tacky beef you had with brandy. Get your life together, go on a diet, and come back and be the sweet, funny queen we love. you are starting turn your fans off. is this what you want

  3. ilovebimbo says:

    I’m thinking nene and ciara in ten years


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