4 Those who Care, 90’S RAP QUEEN —>> LIL KIM & BGC’s Star Natalie Nunn, Well the 2 Dippd it Low all over each other at Um  —->>  Club Liv in Miami over the weekend & Now the Blogs are reporting the 2 R a Couple! *BLANK STARE* Any who, here are more Pictures from the Event!

They’re they Go ————>>>> Kim, Nat, Looch & SHAY AKA Buckeey! First, I just have to say, Why is Buckeey always trying to be in the mix of things? This is Not ——>>> FLAVOR OF LOVE, Flavor Flav So Buckeey ——->> Please go that WAY! And —>>> Natalie Nunn, She’s just so Funny LOOkin in the face, i never did care for her! & ——->> LOOCH, well my opinion on her, I just Think, She’s Looching off Lil Kim $$$. Um, KIM what ever happen to –>>> Hilary Clinton & as far as —>>LIL kim Well —>>> I let you all, Say WAt you want to say about –>> LIL KIM Looks, SMH ———>>

5 responses »

  1. canon eos 600d kit says:

    Semmi bajom a cikk, de nem értek egyet néhány pontot néhány extenct. Én valószínűleg egy kisebbségi, bár, lol. Köszönöm megosztására.

  2. me says:

    omg lil kim got on the shoes nicki had in the super bass video lil kim (late)

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    listen buckeey will never be 1 to fit in. where is her friend whathername? where is she? and kim is having fun so be it . it’s girl night I respect her and leave kim alone

  4. AppleBottom says:

    Blogs are so dramatic

  5. TBooqie says:

    No way in hell lil kim iz a dike….NOPE sorry juz dnt see it.
    Natalie iz dat bytch. And Y da hell does Buckeey have on that old az wiq?? Have thinqs really qotten that bad??


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