XSCAPE1st, We MuSt Say, BOth Groups, Were & Still ARE  –>> WOnka, wonka’S! There will Never Be a SWV OR XSCAPe, Never FuCking Again! SO, Miss the 90’s, Owww! ANywho, We Must —>> BATTLE THE 2 Groups! WhiCh Group, DO YOU PREFER Over the Other! Real QuiCk, rememba SWV had HitS Like –>> “WEAk” …”RAIN”.. “DOWNTOWN”…” LOVE WILL BE RIGHT HERE”… Owwwwwwwwww! And  ——–>> Xscape had them HitS Like –>> “MY LITTLE SECRET”….”JUST KICKIN IT”.. Ect.. SO I NEEDS TO KNOW, WhiCh GROUP  —–>> DO YOu Prefer, Put YOur VOTE IN ————->> SWV OR XSCAPE ———->>

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  1. melissakisses says:

    i cant pick. BUT if i haaaad to.. i still cant.swv for weak,downtown,im so into you (n the remix w meth) and xscape for jus kickin it…understanding…MY LIL SECRET…OMG i miss the fcuking 90;s so bad.

  2. Lady Vixen says:

    Both groups are bad!!!! they both have their own it factor. but iam going with xscape hands down

  3. roger dodger says:

    XSCAPE because EACH member could actually SANG and proved that they could be a lead vocalist ex( UNDERSTANDING, TONIGHT, WHO CAN I RUN TO, ETC), SWV is good, but they were more of a 90’s SUPREMES because the other two didnt contribute much vocally.

  4. J. Hope says:


  5. AppleBottom says:

    I like xscape because they were more hood wit their music.

  6. brwneyez says:

    I got love for SWV butim a country grl so I go wit xscape!! This was a hard one..

  7. quissy_baby says:

    xscape was way better

  8. Nake says:


  9. Nettey says:

    SWV…. hands down!!!! The 90’s wasn’t complete without hearing songs from Sisters with Voices

  10. Lioness says:

    SWX hands down!


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