If  ————->> Usher is trying to look Unattractive NOw-a-Dayz, well it’s Working! i So used to want to ——->> Suck him off & Eat his Ass! At this Point ——>> Usher I dOn’t even want to Sniff you! YOu LOok like you StiNk! What the hell is going on with your look –>> BRO? That’s how the DOWN LOW Men talk, BRO! Anywho —>> YOu All, SAy WAt ——->>

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  1. JoVonna says:

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  2. I didn’t like his hair like this at first, but I bet all these people who posted these comments are like damn look at him now!!!!! Men’s Health Magazine says it all. Usher is the shit and even he knows it!!!!!

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    damn what is he thinking

  4. AppleBottom says:

    Usher look like he on that shit…

  5. brwneyez says:


  6. Who'sThatBitch says:

    He falling to pieces! Lol He trying to dress like his boo boo! Y’all member those twin days back in the day wit cha boo’s! Note to usher Will ” I am a hot mess” look stupid and so do you!

  7. IAdoreKathleen says:

    He has really let himself go over the years n idk wadd the hell is goin on. Even his music isn’t as good as it used to be. He gotten to much into the pop n mainstream n i am jus not feelin it at all.

  8. cymone says:

    u r right bimbo he be looking like Will I Am or somebody and i don’t like it. i believe that the reason usher and his wife broke up is because she knows something about his sexuality.he is still cute he need to just clean back up his look and stop looking like he live on magic mountain some damn where.

  9. Mee says:

    And he still will get his dick sucked dry and his ass licked idk what u talking bout bimbo dont front u know if he put it in ur face u know u would tear it down so shutup slut Lmaoo


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