———>>> NiCki Minaj was recently Spottd @ —->> Vancouver Airport & from the Look on her FACE, She Pissed! I wonder, which Character  she was that day! But, in any Case, NICKI MINAJ, What the Fuck, Can you Possibly be Mad about? BITCH, YOU RULE THE FUCKING WORLD! You ended LIL KIM Career & everybody LoveS You! You have all the Money in the world! So I Ask you Nicki, What Can you Possibly be upset about! I hope you aren’t upset, you wasn’t apart of that Dam Royal Wedding! SO, Nicki Minaj, What has you, or who has you Upset ——–>>

4 responses »

  1. Anonymous says:

    ahahahahhaha she looks psycho

  2. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Aww bimbo i’m happy to see that there’ another radio show that u like beside cherry martinez. Her ass definitely looks smaller than usual, kinda surprised

  3. brwneyez says:


  4. AppleBottom says:

    Maybe her ass is starting to deflat…


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