yessir! Any TRU BIMBO FAN kNOws, BESIDES CHRIS BROWN. My Next OptiOn is ——–>> LIL ROMEO & Nooooooo, we dont see hiS Actually DICK! But ——–>> This “PRINT” IS EnOugh fOr me, WOnka wonka OWWW! AND, Yes He’S CUT!

7 responses »

  1. Cymone says:

    that shit look little as hell he is lucky he is cute

  2. HeSoPretty says:

    that is nice and all cause he has grown up and is cute, however have ya’ll seen the Steph Jones pics??? If not here it is


  3. Mee says:

    Bimbo u stupid he has way more sex appeal then foolish ass chris brown …sex with him would be like heaven danm he is fine…

  4. blaque417 says:

    Not enough I thought it was goin to b bulk not noodle -_- I’m sad n pants sahara desert has nuffin on me

  5. IseeYouLooking says:

    Thank you jesus #FAINTS

  6. Marlon_Brando says:

    I can definitely tell that he is not uncut tho.

  7. IAdoreKathleen says:

    He looks about average size but hey, definitey better than him bein small


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