He PrObably a COP! Wat MeatBall, FAlls Asleep iN McDonaldS, With $20 DOllarS in FrOnt of them! SOUnds like a SET-up, Mhmmmm! WOuld YOu had tOOk, the $20 Or WAt ——–>>>

3 responses »

  1. Lady Vixen says:

    no he is probably a cop. think about it, two things a homeless person would do, buy crack or get liquor. and with the left over change go and get a cheese burger for a dollar

  2. YellaKusha says:

    Naw i wuda said.. “Aye nigga you betta wake up 4 i tak dat sht!” n if he didnt wake up den id snatch dat sht! lol sht he must not need it dat damn bad! smh

  3. Who'sThatBitch says:

    Hell naw he might bite my damn hand off!


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