————->>>>> YOu all KnOw, i COuld careless fOr –>> Rihanna ASs! But, i Must Admit, i was COming HOme, Last Night & My Taxi Driver WAs Blastin, this IShhh! RIHANNA ———–>> “MAN DOWN” And, i Must stay this SHIT IS FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ——–>>>

2 responses »

  1. TajiiGurl says:

    Yeooo This song knock me to my Feet Son it’s the Isshh Lmaoo Rihannas Career is booming again w. This song Wonka Wonka Owww or Should I say Rum bum rum bumm

  2. MsTaurus says:

    WoW!!!!….RI-RI baby u done went stone out ur dang on mind seriously….How u gonna sing a song about murdering a dude….Dat Sh!T is crazy.


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