They’re go our Chances, of a DEPRESSD —>> MARY J. BLIGE Album, Something that I can use in my life, right about now, I’m Pretty Sure, MOst of YOu all can Tooo! I was Soooooooo Happy to hear, that there was Trouble in Mary j. Blige Marriage! But, Apparently there isn’t! However, that story did come from, we all know, how they get down! But, Any who —–>> Mary and Kendu, they looking happy, so I guess Mary’s Next CD, she’s going to be Happy ***ROLLS EYES*** But, anyway that’s a Picture of the two, from last night! Mary had her second annual HONORS Concert & I Must say, Mary is LOOking ———>> Wonkalicious, WERK BITCH!

Ok, I GOtta Be HOnest, them SOme Ugly ShOeS:

—————->> YOu SAy Wat —————>>>

3 responses »

  1. Cymone says:

    check out the leopard gold toe polish. those shoe are a fail. they say i am old still trying to rock heels. they are old lady comfort heals LOL

  2. blaque417 says:

    My feet hurt lookin at em

  3. Cymone says:

    them shoes is ugly i thought it was me, and i did not want to say anything first because it wasy Mary and you know i luvs me some Mary. thank you for being the first to say that shit.


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