Any COntaCt on thiS Dude, E-mail –>> Bimbowinehouse@yahoo.com, ThNk YOu Kindly!

22 responses »

  1. Ant says:

    He’ll yah I would basically just eat his dick and the shit is long ass hello he gone deep throat this ass I got the ass for him to

  2. Anonymous says:

    i would suck it till the cum out

  3. Anonymous says:

    my husband

  4. Mimi says:

    Naw… His head aint pretty!!!

  5. OhNo says:

    He’s a prostitute. When people get paid for it they have less discretion than those who don’t.

  6. Ms Molly says:

    Nah…I’m lightskinned and its odd that I’m not attracted to yellow men. I’ve always liked dark skinned men. Just a preference though. Not saying I would never mess with a yellow dude, but they just don’t do it for me.

  7. Dani says:

    if he was on 8th ave and i was drunk yes ill suck him but he will have to bust that white nut on the floor cause he average i prefer thick lip pretty eye dudes like chingy and tyga

  8. left_butt_cheek says:

    i would suck his house down *)

  9. Cymone says:

    wow that looks like a skinny sharp dick, and me no likee. i thought guys like big fat juicy long ones like us. He must fuck real nasty and for a long time or that pic is bad cause i dont get or see it all you big poppa’s that like him

  10. Who'sThatBitch says:

    To light for me. Look like fam (throwsUpinMouth). Give me a chocolate man

  11. keemy says:

    Helllll yea ill suck da nuttttssss out his dick

  12. Cuntcouture says:

    King dingo is fineee he’s a pornstar

  13. blaque417 says:

    I got seem him. Wen he’s hard cuz I don’t do limp dicks

  14. pookie628 says:

    yes phat daddy and king dingo is bros but i love phat daddy more he got that cute lil not guilty look…but if king dingo wanted me more i might switch sides lol

  15. hellla yeh but i like Phat Daddy better

  16. Mee says:

    He’s one of my fave “GAY” porn stars…So bitches fall back lmao

  17. JUN JUN says:

    Hell NAW he too slim for me. Cant handle all this booty i got, lol

  18. MIKE says:

    hell ya his fine ass.. his dick pretty 2..

  19. chazz16cjs says:

    That is King Dingo

  20. tah says:

    Hell yea he is finnnne


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