——————->>>>>>> NOw, thiS is Just NASTY! Why do i Have —>> the Feeling thiS PerSOn, WHO THIS FEET BelOngs to is —>> frOm the —>> COuntry? tHis iS, Very RaNdom in the Country! Nasty Ass LOOking Feet, like thiS! Anywho, WhO Feet, DOes thiS BelOng TOO? ——————>>

9 responses »

  1. dirtyangel says:

    If that were someone walking outside their feet would be brown and dusty…this person has not washed, nor cleaned the floors in months maybe years.

  2. jamille says:

    omg that bitch look like she been walkin on coals

  3. blaque417 says:

    Even if this does belong to someone n the country please get some dove soap or da liquid nd rub that bytch excuse me scrub dem piggly wiggly bytches down til u see the original color

  4. cymone says:

    they do look like fantasia fat flat feet,

  5. Damien says:

    These could well be Fantasia’s feet. She likes to be barefooted on stage all the time.

  6. Cymone says:

    how you guys know that is a man; they look like sandra rose feet to me

  7. Who'sThatBitch says:

    His nasty ass ain’t washed his ass ALL day!

  8. brwneyez says:

    Nawl bimbo rite thatz sum country shit! And nawl it aint come frm inside the house thatz frm going outside w/o shoes..

  9. AppleBottom says:

    YYOOO!! They really need to mop their floor cuz thats triflin. Nobody’s feet should look like that if they are jus walkin around the house barefoot. But honestly, that shit look like he aint wash in about 2 months.SMH


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