Um —->>> KiM, NiCki did Not Write thiS?

KiM, Have YOu ever heard of a Program, Called –>> PhotoShOppd? NiCki, has yet to MentiOn yOur name on Twitter, Why Start NOw? Here’S Another 1 KiM, thiS One ComeS frOm Foxy! But, i Doubt, YOu respond, becuz at thiS POint, i Guess YOu feel, You cant get Publicity off KiM VS. FOxy! But, Anyway here’S, What FOxy Said AND Remember KiM, It’S –>> PHOTOSHOPPD, YEAAA… YOu Got it!


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  1. Lady Vixen says:

    This shit has too stop. yall want to make a comeback? collaborate and bring it too the streets. i guarntee if they both get in the studio and spit those rhymes it would be the best female rap duo ever! you heard me! get that paper nicki & kim! for real! stop the bull shit. you feel me?

  2. Kia says:

    ***Sigh*** Bimbo if you were “REALLY” up on your dirt you’d know that Nicki Tweeted about Kim in reference to Osama being dead and then she deleted her tweet. There are pix of it floating around and yes even those who follow Nicki saw it before she deleted it. You might not like Kim but at least she stands up for herself which is more then I can say about Nicki’s scary ass.

  3. blaque417 says:

    I love Kim but hunny sweetie honey bunches of oats lay down nd stay down ubersexual been knocked off ur throne nicki has it now

  4. cymone says:

    Kim do need to sit down and be the diva that she is, she done did her thing in hip hop and now she just need to sit on her throne and help the yunguns, her and nicki could be the shit together. i think they should come out with a cd. old school meets new school. i love all three of these chicks. and foxy is a sweet heart

  5. devarrious says:

    Um lil Kim’s twitter is @lilkimthegoddess (may be spelled different) but it’s not @lilkim that’s a fake account…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kim nose isn’t dented anymore its really straight and perfect now she really pretty in person so yal can keep hating on her

  7. MurderousKILLBILL Bitch says:

    Thats bc foxy brown no ones cares shes irrelavent….

  8. doliciahernandez says:

    kims officially dun!

  9. Mee says:

    Its Wrap Kim and it ainT cause u old or nothing u just DONE live with it, i Would def like to see foxy, eve and even remy come back but Nicki got this shit on lock right now so kim need to follow her own advice and LET IT GO….

  10. AppleBottom says:

    OMG… They all need to sit they old asses down.

  11. Marlon_Brando says:

    Bimbo, when I first started reading you blog I thought you was all TEAMKIM. Now seem like you jumped ship. Nicki talks sooooo muchh shit and still takin’ shots at Kim on songs but when Kim says a few things it’s always a problem. Foxy, BITCH when did you ever fuckin matter? You will NEVER be a factor, Foxy. Stop trying to get your name into the Kim vs Nicki beef.

  12. nick says:

    this beef is getting old!
    i wish kim could make a HUGE comeback, but it’s probably not gonna happen!


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