LaSt NiGht —————->>> NiCki MiNaj perfOrmd on –>> “DanCin Wit the StArs” & All We COuld FOcuz on, WAs thAt WiG! NiCki WiGz, usually be On Point! SOrry to SAy NiCki, we wereN’t feelin, YOur –>>> “DanCin with the Starz” Wig! But, I must give Credit, Where Credit is Due & Say, NiCki iS Doing the Dam thiNg! Is it Safe tO Say Um KIM ———–>> Ms. MiNaj has truly ——->>> Snatcd YOur Wig Off & ——->>> MADE IT, HER OWN & kim ——>> by you GOing off on her On Twitter, iSn’t helpn Your SituatiOn, KIM Get it 2gether! AnyWho, FOr YOu all, who want to the SEE, THE NICKI MINAJ “OK” PERFORMANCE ———–>>

6 responses »

  1. Lady Vixen says:

    lol! yall are funny

  2. seanib707 says:

    Loved it!

  3. doliciahernandez says:

    she’s a bad ass established bitch! yu mad?

  4. cymone says:

    that ms swan shit was funny. that wig did look crazy and her outfits are starting to wear me thin especially them dam cat suits and that Q-tip wig. the only thing cute about that hair was that it was not cheap you can tell the way it moved when she sung that it was good hair even though it look like dry green hay.

  5. AppleBottom says:

    That wig was fucked up.

  6. Jayda says:

    Oh shit it Ms Swan…. she knos every ting every ting


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