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  1. Lady Vixen says:

    that righ bimbo tell it as is

  2. cymone says:

    Bimbo, I love you to death, and you might not care or like what i am going to say but you kind of fell off and i might have to let you go.if this is your day job you need to resign before they fire you, i know i would if i was your boss. you don’t post enough like the other sites and lately when you do you talk about a lot of bullshit.you are always apologizing for some crazy shit you did or said instead of being the funny queen we fell in love with. Your site has changed dramatically and not in a good way. Anywho, i am not advising people not to fuck with you Bimbo, but they can also check out Kid Fury @ sofurious.com. if they don’t already know.he post like every other day, he is funny as all hell, and he can spell, speak and read a bitch properly. like i said i love you but you need to take notes cause you are becoming whacker and whacker

  3. honeychile says:

    bitch i seen your latest video bitch about the keyshia vs lil kim twitter beef bitch but the real beef i wanna talk about is in you BROTHERS DRAWS BITCH! WHY YOU AINT HOOKED ME UP YET BITCH SO HE CAN FIX MY COOCHIE GWARL??? yea i seen him come in and out the back door behind you again… (come in and out the back door behind.. oooh shit.. pardon me… i need to twist my nipples now) WONKA WONKA OWWW!!

  4. AppleBottom says:

    Exactly. Whatever Chris and Rihanna do is their business, that aint got shit to do wit anybody else. And Bimbo, u r so right about haters. I love it. They make me feel like Im a celebrity. Thats why i tell them to keep on hatin, cuz u make me look good: ) Yay Cancers!!

  5. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Well said Bimbo. Whatever is done between Chris and Rihanna is between Chris and Rihanna. Do this help u pay ur bills or sleep at night? Does this help you take care of your kids? No so stop worrying about what other people got going on and worrying qbout ur own problem. It has nothing to do with us.

  6. honeychile says:

    hey gwarl! love the vid and true yall bitches need 2 stop hatin whores! but ive been meaning to ask you something… can i see your brother?? i seen him come out the door behind you in one episode and i think he may need to fix my coochie gwarl!


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