BeyOnce’s Former Manager/Dad ——->>> Mathew Knowles iS SOmewhere, Laughing @ — Beyonce’S “FLOPPED” Album —- ’4.’ Mathew said that when Beyonce and Jay Z fired him, they let go of everyone on her management team. Knowles added that he has not spoken with his daughter since she terminated his contract. In an interview with the Associated Press, a vindicated Knowles said he blames Columbia Records for rushing out Beyonce’s album in a vacuum, which caused it to flop. DID, YOU PICK UP –>> BEYOnCe’S New Album? Wat you ThiNk Of it? ———–>>


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  1. dicspithard says:

    Well first off just like to say congratulations to her and j ln da new baby and secondly fuck all u haters , cuz if yall new anything about the industry yall will know that a label wont stand behind u if they think yo shit is go flop , and the album sounds hella good , shit I like this one better then that double cd she came out with , I guess you have to be a lil more mature to appreciate good music like 4 from beyonce , and btw im not just a fan of beyonce im a fan of MUSIC .

  2. Sam says:

    The album did NOT flop. It has been in the top 10 of the Billboard Music charts since it came out and it was number 1 for two weeks. She will at least go platinum, go on a world tour and make millions, and if you stans are lucky she will release another DVD. Beyonce knows what she is doing! Plus she has a movie directed by Clint Eastwood coming out! Just like B said, she wants to put out “quality music” from now and on and follow her heart. Not that corny, trendy bullshit!

  3. Lovinfukinhaters says:

    Yes the album was rushed!! But if you liked music and were a true fan of the art you would realized that the album is the shit. a lot of you dont like her or you think her time is up , but i DARE you to sti and listen to the album and the words of her songs. Not only is everything the truth but she is empowering todays socitey. Oh but wait i forgot how most gays are these days…. Due to the fact that this Cd is not feirce of directed toward the gblt community like the last one was you atuomatically turn the cheek. I went into the store the other day and heard a 3 year old child singing Love on Top, And Countdown off of her new album and it made me realize that yeah yall may not like the new cd cause shes not like she was,,, bu thave you ever stopped to think that she can go back to that anytime to make you all happy, or is she doing it for the new generation? Cause you may have had your fill of beyonce and you may think she done,, but it is a proven fact that what we dont like now the kinds truely LOVE!! So let her do her thing for the generation of kids that she’s giving birth too. And sit yall tired ass down cause i dont see yall up there making music.

  4. Shema says:

    I am önly attracted by her body..i feel lyke i wanna a fuck from definetely she’ll come down.

  5. keemy22 says:

    Yall r deff some hatters her album is great its not like her other ones so der 4 u c growth n if u call # 1 in 14 countries n most of dem mad it gold n platium n flop den idk wht is being nominated 4 awards n she just came out with da album being da first female 2 headline glasberry n kill it like ever other performance she does n have it satilited as a bet performance n dats be da best performance of da nite like come on stop hating yall beyonce my wife is da queen n she will continue 2 be

  6. Beyonce Fan says:

    Forget all you guys. Yall all some haters because all you guys can do is sit on yall couches and judge everybody and don’t have no lives. Beyonce is and will always be on top. She’s the best out there and I do have her album and it’s good, I mean great. I love Beyonce.

  7. AppleBottom says:

    I dont have it and dont plan on buyin that wack shit. She rushed the album and all the songs sound the same as all her other albums. She tried to make it seem like she rushed it so she could make the GRAMMYS deadline, but the only reason she did it was because KELLY single was poppin and she dont like anyone from DESTINY’S CHILD tryin to take her shine. But what goes up, must come down and BEYONCE is jus coming down slowly.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i didnt buy it. beyonce is getting up there. she will be thirty in 2 more months. so i guess she has to try harder

  9. IAdoreKathleen says:

    I never cared for beyonce’s music her songs are never really all that great. Its just the fact that she’s a hell of a good dancer and a great performer that takes away from it. But its good to see Kelly gettin sum shine for once, she definitely deserves it

  10. tawanna says:

    nobody cares for Beyonce anymore…i know I never cared for her music


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