if YOu All, didnt KnOW, Wendy is Currently on her –>> “SAy it, like you MEAN IT” Summer TOUr! Season 3, 0f the WENDY WILLIAMS Show — Startz Sept.12, Owww! Anywh0, jUST HAD TO pOST This PiCture 0f –>> WENDY! She’S WOrkin, this LOOk! YOU SAY Wat ———->>


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I cant stand dat ole bald head drag lookin bitch…she came to Chick Fil A in Columbia sc to use da restroom n had a nasty ass attitude…can u say “HOW U AINT DOIN…”

  2. Lady Vixen says:

    Wendy is doing big things. Although ppl may not like her but what we fail too realize is that it’s really hard for women especially women of color. The entertainment business is no joke! I think that we should give credit to where credit is due. And as a woman myself we need too stop being so bitchy and mean too each other. So with that Being said congrats Wendy

  3. brwneyez says:


  4. Marlon_Brando says:

    Speak for yourself Bimbo. I can’t stand that thing. OPRAH is my favorite talk show host. Then Jerry Springer. lol


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