I GueSS, all them BEATINGS fr0m iKe, did a BODy GOOd! Sad, TINa LOOkS Al0t better than AlOt 0f you YOunger HOeS! PS: NOt, that it MatterS, But did you all KnOw, TINA hAs Only been with 2 other men, Sexually besideS IKe! AlOt 0f you HOeS, includin myself, lol.. needs t0 take a LeSSOn! YOu SAy Wat ————–>>>

4 responses »

  1. Jasper says:

    Now that’s a diva. Look back at her interviews and you can feel the positive energy coming through the screen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    She dose look Damn Good for a 68 year old woman who has lived life from Poverty to being Abused by her Husband to being Broke and Cleaning Houses to make a Living to Support her Children and her self to a Career Come Back and Becoming a Even Bigger Star than she could have thought she is what makes the American Dream is all about.

  3. Yoli S says:

    Thats shit right thr dont make NO DAMN SENSE! Get it, Queen(*mmmmmwah*), bcuz I wanna b looking like that when I grow up

  4. SLS says:

    Damn she look good as hell.


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