Um, YOu all,  Must AGREE ————->> Kim is LOOkin  Oww, Oww Good in this Pic! And, I just Love the Fact, that her & her BrOther, SeemS really CLOse, now a dayz! And BO, YOu Must be eating WELL, NOw a dayz! YOu getting a Lil ChuNky there BrO, still sexy tho( NO MO). BTw you all, According to ———->>,  Lil’ Kim is working on releasing a memoir, The Price of Loyalty, and a currently untitled documentary focusing on her life, pre-and-post prison. During an interview with Kay Slay’s Street Sweeper Radio on Shade 45, Kim said that her team is trying to figure out if the documentary will be released alongside the book or not.

I WOuld Prefer a BOOOk on KIM’S WHOLE life, FrOm the START AND A MOVIE AS WEll. i thiNk, the PubliC, could careless about a Documentary abOut her Prison Life! Wez been over that! YOu SAy WAt?


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