New MuSic fr0m NiCki Minaj! Only Part 0f this SOng, that MakeS Sense is, When NiCki Minaj Says  ———– “Stupid hoe is so whack.” You Got that Right NiCki, Stupid hOe is so WhaCk! But, dont worry, you have these YOung, Meatball Teenagers, Who dont know, NO betta & will support thiS MeSS, SO YOu GOOd, Stupid Hoe will be a Hit! Just, when i begun tO lOve me Some NiCki Minaj MusiC! I loved ———->> “SuperbaSS”, I loved “MOment for Life” then, she releases this non-Sense! Hmmmpt….. i will have a Later review —>> a Video about this track, later in the week! But, for NOw, take a listen and yes, she’s taking MOre ShOts @ Lil KIM. Um, Take a Listen and be Prepared to LAUGH.. I be laffin, i be laffin.. Ohhh, i be Laffin ——–>>>

YOu SAy WAt?

3 responses »

  1. Mango Hoe says:

    i love nicki and kim and they both acting stupid but im not gonna lie this song is funny just like lil kim black friday was funny! idk why nicki is playing into this kim has a fan base but kim doesnt have any new music out she should be the last person on your worries she not making the bread you making yea she did once before but now she not.. kim could be coming out with some new shit and actually making female hip hop pop if these 2 do a song together but they wanna fight each other like the us and great Britain back in the day so till they get it together all they gonna do is lose fans from both fan bases

    i dont care what about else got to say thats what i got to say if you do like it oh well tell somebody who cares

  2. MasterG! says:

    yah track is hella funny… but musically… really… it not up to par

    the shade is crazy tho
    “how ya gonna be the stunt-double to the nigga monkey…” killed me!!!


  3. Rickey says:

    Bimbo your so right I am I die hard nicki fan! But I refuse to listen to this trash she put out. And I am just so over this lil kim VS nicki minaj mess. Dam Bitches let it go!


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