WOw @ HOw Much BeyOnce & Wendy Williams resemble each Other! Anyway, WOrd has it —>>> Beyonce flew into Vancouver earlier this week &  arrived at SOme Mall with HIGH RISK security so  she could shop, PEACEFULLY. NOne Of YOu meatballs, Begging to take a PiC Of her Big Ass!  According to one of the Store employees, she was Looking at clothes for her Baby Girl. Her bodyguards were very close by making sure no Pictures, were taking of any type! But, I guess she forgot about the surveillance cameras! They Captured a Few Shots! And, i must say, BEYONCE NOW LOOKS LIKE, She’s having a Baby! I wish her and JAY Z nothing but the best! 

5 responses »

  1. Ak.cherry says:

    I fhink i lyk beyonce she is alwayz hot 4me

  2. Tegah says:

    I love beyonce cos she is always lookin temted 4 frick.

  3. Samuel Arthur says:

    Yo! I love that cus i feel like i wanna be there.

  4. usmano07 says:

    i want to be your friend

  5. keesh says:

    lol.. bimbo u crazy she looks like wendy alot in the first picture wow


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