uM hello….. LOOk here people, i have an Email, it’s————>>>>   Why didnt NOne of you meatballs, inform me, MiSS JOnes was FIRED from her latest Radio Gig @Power99 Fm in Philly! 

YeSSSSSS YA, Philly’s Power 99 morning show host, Miss Jones was fired earlier this month following a defamation lawsuit filed by a local business woman.


Clear Channel Radio spokeswoman, Loraine Ballard Morrill, confirmed that Jones is “no longer an employee of Clear Channel Philadelphia.”

The radio personality’s departure from the station comes a week following a defamation lawsuit filed by a local businesswoman, Tracey Parson, who claimed that her Kiddie Kare day care business suffered from a tarnished reputation and resulted in death threats due to Jones’ repeated defamation of the company last month.

WOw… YOu knOw, Miss Jones spent her entire Career trying to MOck Wendy Williams! YOu know, i have no problem with that. But, Jonesy, something you must learn, is WENDY knew how to be Messy! But, Messy & Still Keep a JOb! YOu just all out Messy! SO Sad, But HOpefully, YOu’ll make your way back to New YOrk, some hOw. I “GUILTY PLEASURE” MisseS YOu.. LOOKS DOWN!


2 responses »

  1. mango Hoe says:

    lmao i love mrs.jones but i know if i ever went on her show i would have to either deck her ass or set her straight becus she pop to much shit

  2. ha ha says:

    bimbo didnt you say she was on welfare at 1 point im glad she got fired i could stand her wanna be wendy williams fake fat ass. its a difference to be messy which wendy was on radio but jonesy is a hater and all her listeners are haters as well


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