I Mean ——>>> DAM Girl! DO YOu KnOw –>>> HOw to SWALLOW? LadieS & GayS, WOuld you let a Man, cuM ON YOUR FaCe like thiS? Or Have YOu? ***STARES IN YOUR FACE***** Or, DO YOu Prefer to SWallOw it?

4 responses »

  1. Swallow and keep sucking right to the next nut

  2. mango Hoe says:

    hold it bitch not all #teamCANCER swallow not this one sorry im classy aint nobody putting no human semen/ protein on my face or in my throat. i had a ex that would nut in the condom , and one that nut on the butt but they knew dont even think about the face

  3. Rickey says:

    Me personally I see why these (Downlow) men have sex with other men. Half of the girls out here don’t know how to suck dick! And you know #teamcancer will swallow in a heart beat lol

  4. Miss-Thang says:

    NO NO NO, i just can’t!! if yo man wants to cum on yo face like that, he don’t give a fuck about you, or yo weave, cos if any got in my ‘do’ i’d have to kill a nigga!!

    i just think it so disrespectful! i know some men be watching pornos and getting all these freaky ideas, but ladies we gotta put them in their place, and tell them “No!” it okay to be down for your man sexually but when your self-respect (and potentially your perm) is on the line… well i guess some peoples like that shit! do u

    swallow, all day everyday… a girls gotta eat 😀


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