OK, YOu Made YOur ChOice? WELL, ——->>>>

25 responses »

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to go with #1 My baby Seandon

  2. #2 made me pulsate so that who I’m going with. The ass lips never lie.

  3. Anonymous says:

    7! I Choose Brice Sexii ass

  4. Eddie says:

    Number 1 without a doubt.

  5. jovy says:

    #1 baby

  6. I’ma have to say 3 i don’t know what yall talking about on here but number 3 is too damn fine, nice body, sexy dark brown skin… maybe yall need to look at number 3 again

  7. Anonymous says:

    Number 2, number 2, number 2!!!!!!!!!

  8. Prada J. Orourke says:

    Is # 6 Miss Dorian from college hill ?

  9. JadoreKamaige says:

    Number 2 Hands Down is the sexiest!!!!!!! He can get the bizness

  10. Bosco says:

    #5 all day erry day, ima need you to post more pics, info on that phoine piece of dark chocolate, that fukka is so phoine, I would let him fuck me in from of my momma, kick me in the head with some timbs, then fry chicken and roll him a blunt, bitchhhhhh I want him, lol

  11. brwneyez says:

    NUMBER 4 ….

  12. Since I can only chose one I’ll take #7 (screen fogs up)

  13. Whitney says:

    Mmmmmmm 1, 2,5 n 7

  14. Anonymous says:

    #5 all day…chocolate is the way 2 go. Good look rite there.

  15. Rickey says:

    #5 he looks like he would the shit out of you! bimbo who you pick!? And dee you to girl?

  16. Makael says:

    I just wanna have my way with #2….

  17. bedstuy fly bitch says:

    yes give me brice!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Number Two hands down for me

  19. Give me number 6. I’ve already seen what he is working with and I think he’s cute.

  20. badbitch says:

    #3 or & #7 i hope they like pussy

  21. Hush_dude says:

    i like my dudes fem acting so i would have to say #6 but #7 can get it.. i like thugs once in a while

  22. Mango Hoe says:

    ok i narrowed it down to 1,2,4, and 7
    than i moved it to 1 and 2 and 4
    than 1 and 2 so imma have to go with
    1 even though 2 can be my back up if me and 1 dont go good


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