Rapper ——–>>> Vinson “Young Vito” Hardimon has been named as a suspect in the shooting death of Brick Squad rapper Mario “Slim Dunkin” Hamilton at a Southwest Atlanta recording studio last week.

Atl PO-PO Says, VitO needS to turn his self in! At this Point, he’s mOre safe with Po-Po, rather walking the Streets! It’s Truly Sad, hOw these YOung Men, just throw there LIFE AWAy! &, i hear Allegely Vito ShOt him, because Slim Snatchd some candy out of his hands. ARE YOU FOREAL? FurthermOre, Police say about 20-30 people were present inside the recording studio on Memorial Drive when the gun went off. But no witnesses came forward. THAT DAM, NO SnitCh PoliCy! So, Glad, i’m not apart of that Non-Sense!  PS.. Slim DunkiN Was a Cutey!


2 responses »

  1. Anonymous says:

    fuck vito.you talk about gone for life,slim dunkin is gone literally.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Man…Young Vito is my cuzzin and I wish that its not him…hate 2 see him gone for life over some BS….


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