ShOut Out tO all my 9O’S BabieS! YOu Couldn’t be a REAL 90’s Baby, WOuldnt Loving, 1 Of the Hottest, if Not the HOTTEST Female GrOup Of all-Time, MY GIRLS ——->>>> SWV! Theyzz BaCk baby, truly Sounding like they NEVER leftd! And, the Crazy thing is, all these YearS, have gone by! And, still THE MUSIC Industry hasn’t Produce a Group, like SuCh! Some have tried, but of course they Failed! I’m Just glad to have the ORIGINALS baCk! ———->>> @Only1Coko @leleelyons @TajGeorge, LOL FOllOw them On Twitter! ANYWAY, CheCk Out the NEW SINGLE, “CO-SIGN” WOw, stil making them hitS!

                                Purchase —–>> “Co-Sign” —- –>>>  HERE.


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