Dude Actually ———->>> LOOks GOOdy with hiS Face Tat’S! AlSO, he has a Cute Lil Shape on him, tOO:

Wanna See his BUTT?


9 responses »

  1. P says:

    Your face all ready looks cute. Why do you have to put tattoos on it? Damn!

  2. Shawn says:

    Thats hot hit me up

  3. After he realizes music wont pay bills:

    Interviewer: So do you have any questions for me?
    Interviewee: Did I get the job?
    Interviewer: We’ll call you!

  4. jovy says:

    Aww, he’s beautiful!

  5. dominque says:

    no fucking way yo. thats my homeboi. i got to tell him this lol……at least he getting some love

  6. A mess says:

    Looks like toddler was let loose on his face, he looks fucking ridiculous! Poor thing!

  7. tertra114 says:

    im not tryin to sound color struck, i love all colors in my race, but something about these lite skin dudes be driving me crazy, that skin just looks soft, im ready to JUST….let me stop lol


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