There’S truly No Originality amongst these Teenagers Now a days! All they do is Follow one another! And, then when someone steps out and want to be there self, they’re being looked at funny!

Shout out to those Teens, who are not afraid to step out the Box! You are not a Follower, you are a Leader! It’s nothing wrong with being yourself! DOing the things and wearing the things, you like to wear! You are not strange! the strange ones, are the ones following everybody else! REMEMBER ONE THING ABOUT SHUTUPBIMBO.COM, We donts follow no other blogs, We are in our own lame! So, always Remember NOt to Follow, what the Next PerSon is doing. that Shit is boring! its truly sad, all these kids, do nothing More, than wat the Next PersOn is doing! Glad, i wasn’t and never will be like that!


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