DAM RAPPER —>>> YOung Buck is being forced to sell all his assets including the trademark to his stage name.

Last year the FedS raided buCk crib & confiscated personal possessions to help settle his $300k tax DEBT, DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!  On top of that, HATING ASS ——–>> 50 Cent is suing Yuck for more than —>>>$10 million in a contract dispute. Forced into bankruptcy court, Yuck informed the judge he had no viable way to settle his debts and his case was converted to liquidation. The next hearing is set for January 30, 2012.

REALLY 50, KiCk a man More, while he is DOwn! I mean, I underStand, he fucked up the ContraCt, understandable! But, YOu see all thiS, he’s gOing through and you wanna KiCk him MOre, YOu such a BitCh.. SMH!

2 responses »

  1. MasterG! says:

    50 IS A REEL BITCH!! does anyone else remember that voice recording that 50 leaked on the net of Young Buck cryin’ on the phone to 50 cent cos he had borrowed money from 50 and could not pay it back

    i feel real sorry for him + he is reel fine to me

  2. Ralphy J. says:

    Oh wow, you listen to Jhene Aiko too? 🙂


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