Well, we have an idea, of what hiS —->>> Bare Ass, lOOks like! Um, WOuld you like to SEE? Well —>>


NiCe & SmOoth, we wanna Eat thAt!

4 responses »

  1. Damn big Sean you got a pretty sexy muffin butt I would love to munch all up you can be honey sugar man if you are serious I want that ass you are too cute I fell In love with you the first time you came out but peep dis do you know who’s the real b y’all rap mostly on I would love to meet you it’s me the only thing is I have a African shirt already so you can’t buy me one but stay fly keep working and you might have me i already have my own thing going I just need the right dude you are that one but one thing I don’t want your money big Sean only trust,love,honesty,and health I love that ass

  2. Anonymous says:

    mmmm….. papi got cakes….

  3. simplyred of DC says:

    Get your hands on that video saying he has a 13inch cutt Thick Dick Bimbo! He said it out of his pretty lil mouth that is packing DOWNNNNNNN!! FAN OUT Bimbo fans LEGGO get some evidence !


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